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Tigerstrike™ Technology

By combining the power of mobile computing with Firestorm Emergency Services' proven designs and artificial intelligence-powered software, the TigerStrike™ system represents a revolutionary new class of RDF technology called Intelligent Radio Direction Finding (iRDF™). Featuring unparalleled consistency, accuracy and much higher degree of reliability through one simple handheld interface, the TigerStrike™ can help save the lives of military personnel, law enforcement, firemen, and wandering Alzheimer’s patients, as well as hikers, skiers, and others who may become lost by dramatically increasing the speed with which distress or beacon signals can be located by search and rescue operators.

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By land, boat, or air, the flexibility and adaptability of the TigerStrike™ system allows search and rescue teams to track everything from downed aircraft to lost hikers, skiers, or outdoor adventurers using personal ELT beacons.

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How important is speed to recovery when searching for a wandering Alzheimer's patient? If found during the first 12 hours after going missing, 93 percent survive. However, if the person is missing for more than 24 hours, nearly 2 in 3 will NOT survive.

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Where seconds can mean the difference between life and death, perhaps no situation demands the unparalleled accuracy of the TigerStrike™ system across vertical and horizontal planes than that of a downed fire fighter inside a burning building.

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Every day, scientists and conservationists are tracking hundreds of species and tens of thousands of threatened or endangered animals around the world. However, if the animal cannot be recovered, valuable data stored in their GPS tracking devices becomes useless.

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Intelligent Radio Direction Finding (iRDF™)

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