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With the aging population and the onset of Alzheimer’s amongst this populace the traditional method of containing wondering Alzheimer’s patients has failed as we read about casualties of this element of the population. The number of companies have implemented a wristband tracking device but have been limited by the output power allowed by the FCC. These 216 MHz bracelets have very minimal power making it necessary for the rescuer to be relatively close or utilize a helicopter to help the ground teams locate the wondering Alzheimer’s patient. Unfortunately the psychology of the Alzheimer’s patient is not make themselves available to strangers when called. Often it is discovered the Alzheimer’s patient was nearby when the searcher went to look for them but refused to speak up when called. The concept of the bracelet is a good one and what makes the firestorm solution important is that we are the only phased array Geo-location system that displays the target and the location of the rescuer on a Panasonic tough pad that enhances the speed to recovery.


TS 3100 VHF

TS 3140 TDOA

The TigerStrike 3100 is designed to hunt medical bracelets of all manufacturers in the 216 to 200 MHz range.


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The TigerStrike 3140 can be used in a fixed location or mobile application. The benefit of this antenna system is that it looks 360 degrees simultaneously.


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When every second counts; speed, accuracy and a level head, together with the best RDF gear available, will increase your chances to get them home safe. Through the courage of our convictions, we created a brand new class of RDF technology called Intelligent Radio Direction Finding (iRDF™).

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